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I’m a blogger, a writer, and an investor. In my spare time, I enjoy reading books and researching new and better ways to turn a house into a home.

Welcome to the best home upgrade, a place where you can get how-to guides, home improvement DIY projects, and advice for making your house a home, as well as details on how to make your life easier with home technology.

While doing upgrades for my home and home products, I learned about various home upgrade products and home improvement projects.

I felt there had to be a lot of others seeking what I was looking for. So I’ve compiled all you need to know in one spot to provide you with the ultimate guide to making your house and life more comfortable and productive.

This blog’s information is based on my home improvement and technology research, experience, and expertise..

I spent many days researching and analysing various home upgrade products in order to discover one that would meet your daily requirements.

This forum is designed to aid you in upgrading, changing, or automating your home in any way possible.

Rashmi Srivastava