5 Best Mop for Cleaning Linoleum Floors That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Do you have a linoleum floor in your home? If so, it is essential to keep it clean! A dirty linoleum floor can be challenging to clean and lead to health problems. This blog post will discuss the best mop for cleaning linoleum floors. 

As per the U.S. Commerce Foundation, linoleum flooring is made of natural ingredients and is 100% recyclable. Linoleum flooring is again gaining popularity among homeowners due to its eco-friendly properties. 

Linoleum and vinyl floors are often used interchangeably. However, they are not the same. Linoleum floor cleaning can be a difficult task. 

There are so many different mops on the market, each with pros and cons. How do you know which is the best mop for cleaning your particular type of flooring? 

This post will help you analyze the available floor mops in the market and will assist you in selecting the best mop that suits your requirements. We will also provide a buying guide for floor mops to make your linoleum floor clean and shine!

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I’m assuming you’re someone who prefers to skim over the best products rather than read the entire post. Then the Bissell Steam Mop for linoleum floors is your best option.

It’s our top pick because it provides germ-free cleaning and deep scrubbing power that will leave your floor spotless without using harsh chemicals!.

You can fill the steam mop reservoir with water and plug the device itself into an outlet near where all of this magic happens. It does work quickly, instantly getting rid of dirt.

This mop is also great for people with pets because it will help keep their fur from being left behind on your floors.

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Buying Guide for Best Mop for Cleaning Linoleum Floors

When it comes to cleaning your linoleum floors, you want to make sure you’re using the best mop possible. There are a number of different mops on the market, and deciding which one is suitable for you might be difficult.That’s why we’ve put together this buying  guide – to help you find the best mop for cleaning linoleum floors.

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing a mop for your linoleum floors.

Type of Linoleum floor mop

The first and foremost thing you can focus on is the type of linoleum floor mop. Some of the major types of mop available on the market are Spin Mop and bucket, Spray Mop, Microfiber Pad Mop, and Steam Mop.

  • A Spin mop can be used for big cleaning areas. The spin mop is a well known type of mop among homeowners.
  • A Spray Mop can be utilized for small messes as well as large mess clean up. They will have a spray mechanism and can be used without constantly changing wet pads and dipping the mop in the bucket.
  • The Microfiber pad mop holds less water as compared to cotton pads. They use less water and are more cost effective .
  • The Steam Mop will use steam for cleaning the floors in spite of cleaning agents, as other mops will use it. They will make the surface bacteria-free.

Mop Head Band

Mop head bands are available in two sizes; one can be narrow and the other can be wide. Secondly, you’ll want to consider the mop head dimensions. If the mop head size is larger, it will cover a larger area. Ultimately, you will reduce cleaning time.

Mop Head material

The most commonly known materials for mop pads are cotton or microfiber. A mop pad should be soft enough to clean the floor, and at the same time, it should not scratch your flooring. A mop should have a smooth, absorbent microfiber head that cleans the flooring without scratching it.


The absorbency of a mop is also one of the crucial factors in selecting a mop. Absorbency is not dependent on the material of the mop head but also depends on the size of the mop head. If the mop heads are larger, the mop holding capacity will also increase.

Light weight  and Easy to use

Next, you’ll want to choose a mop with a long handle. The mop needs a comfortable grip that makes it easy to use and maneuver around furniture and other obstacles. When not in use, it is also lightweight and easy to store.

Easy to clean

The mop also comes with a built-in squeezee that helps remove excess water from the floor. The built-in squeeze makes it easy to get the dirt and grime out of your floor without scrubbing hard. 

Reusable pad

Mops with reusable pads are good for the environment and cost-effective. You can easily clean these pads in the washing machine and use them again.


Mop with a more durable body will last longer, so before purchasing, try to make sure the body is durable enough to reuse it.

5 Best Mop for Cleaning Linoleum Floors

Linoleum flooring is a great alternative to traditional hardwood or tile floors. It’s easy to care for and maintain, and it’s also eco-friendly and reusable. The key to keeping your linoleum floor looking its best is to use the right mop.

Swiffer: Best Budget mop for linoleum flooring 

Swiffers are known for their home cleaning products. It is most popular in the market for sweepers, dusters, and wet jet options.

The Swiffer is the perfect budget-friendly option for those with linoleum flooring. The swivel head easily maneuvers into tight corners, while the compact size makes it easy to store.

The popularity of this device might be because it comes with a starter kit and is simple to install and use. You need to attach the mop handle to the mop handle.

The prime feature of Swiffer mops is that they have a 2-in-1 design that allows you to use them as both a sweeper and a mop, making them highly versatile and efficient.

 And if you need to clean up a mess quickly, the Swiffer Starter Kit comes with everything you need. It is one of the best budget mops for cleaning linoleum flooring.

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  • 2 in 1 functionality of sweeping as well as mopping 
  • Comes with dry cloth pads as well as wet cloth pads/
  • Swivel mop  head can easily reach into the tight corner
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Easy to store
  • Cost effective 


  • Not to be used under an unfinished or oily surface.
  • The handle isn’t very sturdy and can’t be extended.
  • Mop head is not broad
  • Costly refill pads
  • Good for a quick clean-up.

O-Cedar- Best spin and bucket mop for linoleum floors

“O-cedar” is a well-known name in the mop and broom world. It is one of the most popular spins and bucket mops. Looking for an eco-friendly mop that can do it all? Look no further than the “O-Cedar”! 

This excellent mop comes with a built-in wringer, so you can quickly and easily wring out the mop head without getting your hands wet. 

The splash guard keeps water inside the bucket, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess. 

And the best part? The machine-washable mop head means you can reuse it again and again. For best results, replace the mop head every three months.

Thanks to its microfiber spin mop head, the O-Cedar is perfect for deep cleaning. It’s also helpful in reaching those hard-to-reach locations.

The O-Cedar removes dirt, dust, hair, and grime with ease and is effective at removing 99% of bacteria with just water.

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  • Two separate buckets for dirty and clean water.
  • There’s no need to get your hand dirty with a manual wringer.
  • The bucket has a built-in pedal.
  • Machine washable microfiber mop
  • Triangle-shaped mop head 
  • You can adjust the telescopic handle up to 48 inches.


While moving back and forth, the mop base may generate noise.

Turbo Microfiber – Best Microfiber cleaning mop  Linoleum Floors

Turbo Microfiber offers the best microfiber cleaning mop on the market. This product is perfect for home owners as it has premium-quality microfiber pads. Microfiber pads have micro gripping technology, including ultra absorbency .

One of the best things about these products is that they are easy to clean  and easy to use. The rectangular mop head is 18 inches wide, making it easy to clean floors under furniture and tables.

The 360-degree rotating head and telescopic handle make it easy to maneuver around obstacles.

They have two types of reusable pads that are long-lasting as well as cost-effective. The unique looping technology ensures that the pads stay in place and don’t slip off.

The wet and dry mopping capabilities make it perfect for any cleaning job. 

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  • Broad microfiber mop head 
  • Durable product 
  • The handle can be extended to a length of 60 inches.


  • No spray facility 
  • No wringing facility 
  • Microfiber that has become dirty may require machine washing. You cannot clean it under running water.

O-Cedar- Best spray mop for linoleum floors

O cedar Brand is also known for its spray mop in the market. They are the perfect spray mop to keep your floors clean and shining.

This product has a super absorbent microfiber dual-sided design. It means that you can easily clean the floor in a short time without changing the pad. This mop is a must for anyone wishing to quickly remove even the tiny dust and grime particles from their floors, thanks to the extraordinary power of microfibre.

You can use this product to tackle any flooring, from linoleum to tile. This product has a refillable spray bottle that allows you to easily add your favorite cleaning solution and a DIY cleaner or other brands.

Plus, thanks to its lightweight design and one-touch bottle release, you can easily control your mop even during those hectic cleaning sessions.

And, best of all, no expensive batteries are required; all you need is a simple grasp handle.

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  • Dual-sided design mop
  • The ultra-absorbent quality of the mop gives quick results.
  • Reusable mop pads make them more eco-friendly.
  • You can easily control the mop with a grip handle.
  • Weight 1.32 pounds


The mop head is detachable.

Bissell: Best Steam Mop for linoleum Floors

Bissell is well known for its steam and multi-surface cleaners. Bissell’s steam mops are potent and effective, eliminating 99.99% of germs and bacteria without harsh chemicals.

This product has gained popularity as it is well-known among pet owners. This product offers a three-level steam cleaning system (high, medium, and low) to tailor your cleaning to your specific needs. In contrast, the smart digital steam control ensures that you always get the appropriate amount of steam.

This product has a reasonable cord length of 23 feet, which means you won’t have to keep stopping to plug it in. The flip-down easy scrubber allows you to quickly and easily clean up any tough spots. 

You can use this mop on various surfaces, including hardwood, marble, granite, linoleum, and ceramic.

After you’re done cleaning, there’s no need to carry around a dirty mop; just empty the dirty water, and you’re good to go. Bissell’s steam mops are the perfect choice for anyone looking for an effective and convenient way to clean their floors.

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  • It makes the floor germ free.
  • Steam control with a smart digital interface
  • Steering that swivels
  • Flip down easy scrubber
  • No need to carry dirty water after cleaning.
  • Suitable for deep cleaning.


  • Expensive 
  • Only two microfiber pads are included, one of which is soft and the other scrubby.
  • Not cordless

Wrap up on Best Mop for Cleaning Linoleum Floors

I hope you now understand the different mops available on the market for cleaning linoleum floors. It’s time to put what you’ve learned to use and apply it! We hope you find this buying advice helpful in deciding which mop is ideal for you.

But even before making a purchase, it’s essential to read the instruction label, and once purchased, check for any scratches on the floor. If you think the new mop will meet your needs, try it out on a small area before moving on to a larger surface.

With these floor mops, you can keep your linoleum floors looking shiny and new. So, what kind of mop floor do you currently have? It would be wonderful to hear from you.

FAQ: 5 Best Mop for Cleaning Linoleum Floors

Finding the best floor mop can be difficult when we know that adding more moisture to the linoleum flooring will cause it to deteriorate. We discovered some frequently asked questions while researching this topic to assist you in making an informed decision.

Can you use steam mop on linoleum flooring?

Yes, you can clean linoleum floors using a steam mop. The steam mop transforms the water in the reservoir into steam, which is then released onto the floor through the mop head. You can clean up the dirt and grime on the floor with a reusable mop pad. The best part about it? No need for chemicals or expensive cleaners. Steam mops are quick, effective, and dry quickly after use, so there will be no dampness on the floor.

How do I remove the spin mop head?

Depending on how often you use your spin mop, you may need to wash or replace the head several times a year. First, purchase a replacement head from the same manufacturer to remove the spin mop head. Then, to attach the replacement head, follow the directions that came with your mop. Step on the mop head’s soft section and slowly pull the upper disc of the mop base away from the cloth disc; a click will sound, and you will remove the mop head for washing or replacement.

Why are microfiber mops better for cleaning?

Because microfiber mops are so soft and gentle on surfaces, they’re the best way to clean your home. They may also need less water than traditional cotton mops, which makes them suitable for the environment. Microfiber mops are synthetic mops made up of fine hair-like fiber threads that can easily hold germs and bacteria compared to other mops. Microfiber mops have better absorbent power, making it easier to clean large surface areas.

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