Why does the washing machine shake like crazy? 9 Possible Causes and Fixes

Washing machines are wonderful appliances that make our lives easier by doing one of our laundry’s most tedious household chores. But as any apartment-dweller worries about, why does the washing machine shake like crazy? This problem can be very frustrating, especially if you are trying to do a load of laundry .

According to Statista reports, more than 80% of US households have washing machines at home. There are many consumers of washing machines in the United States. 

Washing machines have one downside: they’re loud and vibrate a lot, making it hard to carry on a conversation (or even watch TV) while they’re running. It’s hard to keep your washing machine from shaking like crazy, and it can be harmful to the machine. The constant shaking can wear down your machine and even affect its performance. 

So, what causes the washing machine to shake, and what can you do about it? Shaking in the washing machine can have an adverse effect on the machine’s general performance and possibly be damaging to it.

Most often, this occurs when the washing machine is not level.. If the washing machine isn’t really level when it is switched on, it will shake.

Another reason your washing machine may shake is the shipping bolts. These bolts are used to secure the washing machine during shipping,

This blog post will explore the causes of washing machine shaking and offer some solutions to help you solve the problem. Keep reading to learn more!

What could be the reason my washing machine shakes like crazy?

Why washing machine move while spinning

Many households rely on washing machines, so it’s critical to understand why they could tremble. You can find below possible causes and fixes for why washing machines move while spinning.

Uneven distribution in the tub

If you’ve ever had your washing machine shake like crazy, you know it’s not a pleasant experience. 

It’s even worse when you realize that the cause of all the commotion is an uneven distribution of clothes in the tub. 

When clothes are not evenly balanced, washing machines have to work harder to clean them. This imbalance can lead to increased vibration and noise.

In extreme cases, it may cause damage to clothes or the washing machine itself. You may quickly resolve this issue and avoid a washer meltdown.

The Fix:

When a washing machine is overloaded, the clothes can become tangled and cause the machine to shake.

You may immediately solve this problem by uniformly distributing your clothes before starting the cycle in a washing machine. You can pause the machine and evenly distribute the clothes.

You may need to remove part of the clothes from the load if the problem persists. You can maintain your washing machine running well by following these simple instructions.

Unbalanced washing machine 

Another reason the washing machine shakes like crazy is an unbalanced washing machine.

One important factor to consider when determining if your washing machine is level is the machine’s adjustable feet. These feet are usually located at the machine’s base and can be adjusted to level out the device.

 If these feet are not correctly adjusted, it can cause the machine to be unbalanced and lead to inefficient washing and increased wear and tear on the machine.

An uneven floor can also cause your machine to be unbalanced and lead to inefficient washing.

The Fix:

If your washing machine is unbalanced, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

You can easily balance your washing machine by using a spirit level or a ruler to measure the height of the machine from the floor. 

If the height is not even, you will need to adjust the feet until the machine is level. In addition to leveling the machine, it is also essential to make sure that the floor itself is level.

To check if your floor is level, you can again use a spirit level or a ruler to measure the height of the floor in different areas. 

If there are discrepancies, you will need to level out the floor before leveling your washing machine. Once both the machine and the floor are level, you will be able to ensure efficient washing and extend the life of your machine. 

Inspect your stacking kit

When you feel your washing machine shaking like crazy, it’s probably time to inspect your stacking kit! 

Stacking kits are essential for ensuring that your washing machine stays level and stable, and over time they can become worn or loose.

You might have upgraded your washer and dryer. But if your washing machine isn’t level, it will vibrate excessively, which can damage both the washer and dryer.

So, if you notice that your washing machine is shaking violently, be sure to check the stacking kit for any signs of wear or damage. 

With a little care and maintenance, you can keep your washing machine running smoothly for years to come.

The Fix:

You can fix this issue by properly installing the stacking unit between the washer and dryer.

You can check all the screws and brackets for the stacking kit to see whether they are tightly held or loose.

Most stacking kits will include instructions on how to properly install them. You can cross check with them and if you find any discrepancy , you can rectify it.

Damage Shock Absorber 

Have you ever noticed your washing machine shaking violently during the spin cycle? If so, there’s a chance that the damaged shock absorber is to blame. 

The shock absorber is a vital component of the washing machine, and its purpose is to provide cushioning during the spin cycle.

 The lifespan of a shock absorber depends on how often it is used and how well it is maintained. 

However, over time, the shock absorber can become worn out or damaged, which can cause the washing machine to shake.

The Fix:

 There are some conditions where damage may be less and can be repaired easily. However, the damage may be more severe in other cases and may require a replacement part. 

If your washing machine is shaking excessively, it’s essential to have a qualified technician look at it to determine the cause of the problem.

It is vital to have a functioning shock absorber in your washing machine. With proper care, a shock absorber can last for many years. 

However, if it is not appropriately maintained, it may need to be replaced sooner.

Install an anti-vibration pad for the washing machine 

Have you ever been washing your clothes and suddenly the washing machine starts shaking like crazy?

 It’s enough to make you think the whole thing will come apart! Vibration noise from the washing machine travels to hard surfaces, making a lot of noise during shaking.

You can reduce this shaking by placing a substance between the washing machine and the floor; an anti-vibration pad will absorb all the vibration from the washing machine and not allow it to transfer to the floor. 

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If your washing machine is not installed with an anti-vibration pad, this could cause the machine to shake. 

The Fix:

The best part is that there’s a quick fix for this problem. You can install an anti-vibration foot pad to reduce the shaking and noise from your washing machine.

These pads help absorb the washing machine’s vibrations, preventing them from being transferred to the floor. 

As a result, your washing machine will be much more stable and less likely to shake during operation. 

So if your washing machine has been giving you a headache, make sure to pick up an anti-vibration foot pad-it could be the solution to your problem.

Bearing failure

A bearing failure is one reason a washing machine may shake. Open the washing machine door and spin the drum to see whether this is the issue.

 If there is a noise, it may be due to worn bearings.

 Another way to check is by lifting the drum and holding it at the bottom. 

If there is more noise between the drum and the holding of the drum, then the bearings are gone.

Top-load washers have bearings at the back of the outer tub, while front-load washers have bearings at the bottom. The problem can be resolved by replacing them.

The Fix:

You can fix the bearing failure in your washing machine by replacing it with a new, high-quality component. 

It’s alright if you want to save money and fix it yourself , but make sure to follow all safety precautions before working on anything electrical!

If it’s an old model, consider hiring someone who knows what they’re doing so as not to risk damaging something else nearby (or end up worse off financially).

Remove all the shipping plugs

Many people don’t realize that all washing machines come with shipping bolts installed. 

These bolts are necessary to prevent the machine from moving around during shipping and delivery. 

However, if these bolts are not appropriately removed during installation, they can be one of the reasons why your washing machine shakes like crazy. 

The fix:

The best-recommended way to fix this problem is to make sure that all of the shipping plugs are removed before you start using your machine.

 If you’re not sure how to do this, consult your owner’s manual or ask a professional for help. You can keep your washing machine working well for years with a little extra care.

After removing the shipping bolts, keep them in a safe place. You can use them again to transport your washer to another location.

Damaged suspension parts

If you’ve ever had your washing machine shake so violently that it felt like it would take off, you know how problematic it can be.

 Damaged suspension parts are often to blame for this problem. They are located beneath the drum within the cabinet.

When suspension parts are damaged, the washing machine can’t distribute the weight of the clothes evenly, which causes it to shake. 

The fix:

If you suspect that your washing machine’s suspension parts are damaged, it’s best to have a professional look at it. Otherwise, you can be in for a rough journey!

Put your washing machine on a washer stand

If you are experiencing your washing machine shaking like crazy during the spin cycle, you can put your machine on the washer stand. It will help reduce the vibration and prevent the machine from moving around.

It also protects the floor from being scratched or dented by the washing machine.

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The Fix:

One way to fix the vibration and noise is to put your washing machine on a washer stand.

Before you take a stand, you’ll need to consider a few factors. One of the most vital factors to consider is where you’ll store it.

You’ll want to make sure you choose a spot on a sturdy, solid floor because your washing machine can weigh up to 400 lbs when it’s full of water and laundry. 

So, if you have a soft floor surface like carpet or linoleum, it’s best to avoid putting your washing machine there. Instead, opt for a washer stand.

This floor selection will help distribute the weight evenly and prevent your floor from sagging or collapsing over time.

Wrap up-Why does washing machine shake like crazy?

In the above post, you can easily find all the possible causes and fixes for the washing machine shaking violently.

I have included all the possible causes of this issue. By fixing the problem, you can maintain the performance of your washing machine.

If you are continuously facing this issue, it’s essential to solve it as soon as possible. Solving the related problem will save you time and energy in the long run, but it will also help keep your machine in good condition.

Washing machines can be tricky appliances, but by following these tips and troubleshooting guides, you should be able to get your machine back up and running smoothly in no time!

However, if you are still experiencing issues with your machine and don’t feel comfortable trying to fix it yourself, call a professional for assistance.

I hope this article is helpful to you with your issue. If so, please share the post with a needy person.

FAQ:Why does washing machine shake like crazy?

 We came across some of the questions asked by people while conducting research for the above post. So we’ve compiled a list of questions and provided answers below.

Why does my washing machine vibrate when I wash towels and sheets together?

There is the possibility that towels and sheets are made of different materials. Towels are usually made of cotton or other absorbent materials, while sheets are typically made of synthetic fibers. This material difference can cause the towels to absorb more water than the sheets, resulting in an unbalanced load. Towels are generally much larger than sheets. So their size could also be one of the reasons for the unbalanced load. If your washing machine is vibrating excessively, you will need to redistribute the load to be evenly balanced.

Is it normal for the washing machine to shake?

Every washing machine will vibrate at some point. So it is just normal for the washing machine. But if your washer is constantly vibrating, there might be a problem. First, check to see if the load is balanced or not. Second, take a look at the legs of the washing machine. If they’re not level, the machine will shake. Finally, check the hoses to see if they’re kinked or frayed. But don’t worry—a slight shaking is perfectly normal.

How to do vibration absorption for washer machines?

An anti-vibration mat is one of the most effective techniques to achieve vibration absorption for a washer machine. These mats are designed to dampen vibrations and reduce noise levels. They can be placed under the washer or dryer or on the floor around the appliances. Another option is to use an anti-vibration pad. You can place these pads under the feet of the appliance or on the floor around it. You can also use vibration blocks to absorb vibrations. You can place these blocks under the appliance or on the floor around it. By absorbing vibrations, these products can help reduce noise levels and improve the overall performance of the appliances.

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